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          Company Introduction

          Xiamen Zhongchuang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2001 with registered capital of nearly 390 million. In 2012, it entered a self-built industrial park with an area of 24,000㎡. The company now has nearly 1000 employees and total assets of 2 billion. At the beginning of establishment, ZHONGCHUANG ENVIRONMENT focused on the industrial high-temperature flue gas dust filtration, integrated R&D, production and service of high-performance, high-temperature filtration material and become the first public company in China for high-temperature bag-style dust collection. (stock code: 300056).

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          Case show

          Low-voltage pulse bag dust collector project by Houying Group
          The project now has an annual capacity of 2 million tons mineral processing, 800 thousand tons light burnt magnesia and 200 thousand tons special magnesia......
          Dust removal project of 6 # furnace 1000 MW supercritical coal generator set in Huainan Pingyi Power Plant, Anhui Province
          The flue gas dust removal project of the 6 # furnace 1000 MW supercritical coal generator is set in Huainan Pingyi Power Plant in Anhui Province useing an electric bag composite dust collector......
          Zhuhai Power Plant of Guangdong Yudean Group Co., Ltd. 2 * 700MW Electric Bag Composite dust collector
          The project “Zhuhai Special Economic Zone Guangzhu Power Generation Co., Ltd. 2 * 700MW “was put into operation in May 2013, It adopts electric bag composite dust collector......
          Tang Steel Medium Thick Plate Co. Ltd..
          The project is a 240m2 sintering machine, handling wind volume of 1560000m3 / H, equipment resistance of1500Pa, designed to filter wind speed of 0.78 m/min, using savings longtaisi(Long-tex ?) hyper net......
          Fujian Chunchi Group Xinfeng Cement Project
          The scale of the project is 2 * 2500T/D. In 2011, the company played a leading role in the region and took the initiative to carry out technical transformation of the kiln tail dust collector......
          Hebei Datang International Tangshan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.. No. 2 unit denitrification urea pyrolysis system energy-saving transformation project
          The project is a 1025 t/h sub-critical, natural cycle, an intermediate reheated steam furnace, a single furnace balanced ventilation, and a four-corner circular combustion method.......

          Product Display

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